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How Long Do Home Inspections Take?

A home inspection in Calgary is intended to provide you with information about the condition of a home’s systems. Depending on the report provider by the inspector, it can determine whether it is advisable for you to purchase the house or not. 

While homeowners wish inspections could be quick so they can get results faster, in most cases, home inspectors take their time to ensure that the information is accurate. To understand why it takes as long as it does, it is important to know what is included in the evaluation. 

What is Included in a Calgary Home Inspection?

A Calgary home inspector will conduct a visual inspection by looking at the home’s various systems and components, both indoors and outdoors. 

For indoor systems, the inspector will check the electrical circuits, HVAC (heating, air conditioning, ventilation) systems, plumbing and insulation systems to see if they are functional. They will also inspect the flooring, ceiling and walls, windows and doors to see if they are safe and secure. Depending on if your home has it or not, they will look at the chimney. 

Handyman checking of air ventilation

For outdoor systems, the inspector will look to see if there is no damage to siding, no loose or damaged stucco, no peeling paint, if the soffit, fascia and gutters are secure, and particularly if the roof has any damage, such as if there are any damaged or loose shingles, cracks or leaks. 

Finally, the Calgary home inspector will look at the attic (to ensure proper ventilation), the basement and foundations of the house to guarantee that no extensive work is required. 

Can The Calgary Home Inspector Give Advice? 

Typically, a home inspection does not include any quotes for repairs or appraisals. It is about providing a breakdown of the property’s value and whether it is a safe and secure property. The home inspector will not offer warranties or guarantees about the house’s condition or how well it works.

Home inspectors might provide you with information on the repairs and a range of costs involved based on experience if you ask for it. However, if there are problems beyond the inspection scope, the home inspector may recommend further evaluation.

Upon completion of the inspection, the home inspector will provide you with a written report detailing the condition of every primary system of your home. 

How Long Does a Calgary Home Inspection Take? 

An average-sized home that provides easy access to systems takes two hours or more to complete. Larger, and particularly older homes, take longer due to the property’s difficulties and the age of certain systems. 

The report itself is usually done during the inspection with touch-ups and a final assessment being done afterwards. Reports are sent to you the same day as the inspection or generally within 24 hours. 

Integra Inspections is a Home Inspection Company in Calgary that provides unbeatable service for home inspections. With over 15 years of experience and the latest technologies such as thermal imaging, you can count on Integra Home Inspections to get you the facts and have you ready for your next home!


7 Essential Components of a Home Inspection

There are many parts to a Calgary home inspection, but knowing which ones are the most essential will help you become better informed. Please inspect the list below to glean this knowledge:

Essential Components for Calgary Home Inspection

1. Foundation

The foundation of your home is one of the essential components of a home inspection. Ensuring cracks and crevices have not grown, or substantial portions of debris are not present, is a part of the inspection process.

2. Roof Drainage Systems

Another component of home inspections is the inspection of roof drainage systems. Here it is essential to look for kinks or pieces that have broken off. Improving these sections before the examination will yield better results.

3. Water Heating Equipment

Water heating equipment is another part of regular inspections. Ensuring the right system, tank or tankless, is installed, and there is sufficient power/ storage for the needs of the home are part of the inspection. Additionally, inspectors must check the adequacy of combustion air components.

4. Overcurrent Protection Devices

Overcurrent protection devices will have a part in your home inspection as well. These devices prevent power surges and are an essential safety component for all homes. Along with these devices, the power supply will also receive an inspection. 


5. Vent Systems, Flues, Chimneys

Another essential component of your home inspection is the vent systems, flues, and any chimneys present. Ensuring there is no substantial build-up of burnt material or smoke is necessary, as is the verification of structural integrity. 

6. Central Cooling Systems

Central cooling systems are also a necessary component of inspection during your home inspection. This would include air conditioners, for instance. However, electric air cleaning and sanitizing devices are not part of this type of review. 

7. Walls, Ceilings, Floors

Walls, ceilings, and floors are part of the standard home inspection, especially for the interior. For these items, though, paints, wallpapers, and finishes are not included in the inspection.

Get the Most Value for Your Home Inspection

When it is time for your Calgary home inspection, there are many choices you have to make. However, the easiest option is the company you choose to work with, and that makes the rest of the options even easier!

Integra Inspections is a Home Inspection Company in Calgary that provides unbeatable service for home inspections. With over 15 years of experience and the latest technologies such as thermal imaging, you can count on Integra Home Inspections to get you the facts and have you ready for your next home!

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3 Reasons to Do Your Home Inspection in Spring

Having an annual home inspection, performed by a Calgary home inspector, is a great way to keep your home in tiptop shape throughout the year. Similarly, spring cleaning is the best time of year to book your regular professional inspections, including furnace, air conditioning, and plumbing inspections. Therefore, spring is the best time for a home inspection.

Although this line of reasoning does hold up against the most stringent inspection, you may feel like it is a little too simple. A little too straightforward, perhaps. Of course, that feeling is totally understandable, and you shouldn’t be left hanging with so little information. As a result, please consider the following reasons that further expound upon the value of springtime home inspections.

3 Reasons For Springtime Home Inspections

1. After-Winter Effects

Aside from the rationale described above, the best reason for a visit from a Calgary home inspector is the effect winter can have on your home. Winter can cause all sorts of problems, such as home settling, leaks, lawn damage, and more. Take, for example, the likelihood of pipes bursting during the winter months. This problem is a result of freezing water combined with a rush of pressure that your pipes simply cannot withstand. Every part of your home faces similar adversity during the winter months and immediately after the winter thaw.

2. Outdoor Considerations

An area of our homes that we seldom pay enough attention to is the exterior. The areas we exclude can include the foundation, eavestroughs, roof, and more. Yes, it is understandable that you believe these areas are permanent, and that they seldom see a lot of change. However, a home inspection can find issues that you had not considered before.

Home inspector, outside, examines a residential natural gas meter.

Issues that may include foundation cracks, dry or torn roof shingles, broken eavestroughs, or compromised window seals are all possible. Performing your home inspection after the harshness of winter and before the harshness of summer will give you sufficient time to get these repairs noted and addressed, as necessary.

3. Clear Visibility

The final reason on our list can appear obvious, initially. The visibility of your home and yard is reduced in the winter months as snow covers everything in a cool and refreshing blanket. However, this blanket is a disguise for the forces of erosion and corrosion, which are still very much active underneath the top layer. 

Therefore, having a home inspection when you can inspect every area freely and without obstruction is a good plan.  

Where to Find Quality Calgary Home Inspectors

There are many places for you to find quality home inspectors, and you should consider each of them with great scrutiny. However, if you were looking for a personalized opinion on the matter, the suggestion would be to read on just a bit further. Happy inspecting!

Integra Inspections is a Home Inspection Company in Calgary that provides unbeatable service for home inspections. With over 15 years of experience and the latest technologies such as thermal imaging, you can count on Integra Home Inspections to get you the facts and have you ready for your next home!

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Improve Indoor Air Quality With a Full Home Inspection

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Why Should you do a Presale Home Inspection?

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