Pre-Listing Inspections

integra_checked_logoTrying to sell your home in our tough market? Buyers market or sellers market, Pre-Listing Inspections are the future of Real Estate! Performing an inspection before a home is listed is one of the smartest investments a home seller can make and certainly a wise move in a market like Calgary.

Benefits for Home Sellers

  • Less chance of buyers walking away because they think there is a problem with the house.
  • No more parade of inspectors through your home.
  • Reduce your risk of a lawsuit.

Because the buyers have access to the inspection report prior to purchase, the sellers reduce their risk of litigation for failing to inform buyers of the condition of the property. There may be a higher value placed on the property as well, given that potential buyers have more confidence in the homes condition.

Benefits for Home Buyers

  • Make an offer with the confidence and security of an inspection report.
  • A detailed report will put things into perspective prior to an offer being made.
  • Eliminates the need to put an inspection clause on the offer.

The information is available to potential buyers at the time they make an offer so they are able to make an informed decision regarding the property. Buyers can review the inspection report and make their offer with the peace of mind that they know what they are buying.

Benefits for Realtors

You’ve invested a lot of time and money getting that buyer in the door. Don’t let them slip away, make sure problems are corrected or disclosed. Avoid last minute renegotiations, exaggerated repair costs or an inexperienced inspector. Even if the buyers decide to bring in their own inspector, you have a report already that is your second opinion. No more ‘further evaluation…’

Steps to a Pre-listing Inspection

  1. One of our inspectors performs a home inspection. We take digital photos of the home and then assemble a full-colour report of the inspection.
  2. A reasonable offer is presented to the home seller by an educated buyer based on the findings in the report.
  3. Buyer and seller proceed with little anxiety because a home inspection has already been performed and the results are known.

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