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Recognize the Deal Breakers in Your Calgary Townhouse Inspection

You expect a home inspection to go without a hitch, and often they do. But all homes have problems. How do you determine whether the results of an inspection reveal minor issues or major problems? Here are some possible deal breakers that a Calgary townhouse inspection might uncover.

4 Deal Breakers During Your Calgary Townhouse Inspection

1) Foundation Problems 

Occasionally, problems with the foundation are minor and just need a simple fix. Most of the time though, these are big problems that require major repairs. If a home inspection reveals foundation problems, it’s usually best to walk away.


2) Discovering Termites 

Termites eat the wood that homes are made of and cause big problems in the process. It’s usually possible to get rid of them and protect the home against a new invasion, but they may have already done extensive damage. Have a specialist assess the damage before moving forward if the Calgary townhouse inspection uncovers signs of termites.

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3) Faulty Electrical Uncovered 

Old wiring is a safety issue and a potential deal breaker if discovered during a Calgary home inspection. Aluminum wiring in particular is concerning because it’s less safe than copper wiring.


4) Mould Found 

Most mould isn’t a big problem and is relatively easy to remove. Some, however, are deadly. If a home inspection documents mould without identifying it, have a specialist assess whether it’s dangerous.


A Calgary home inspection reveals a lot of information about a townhouse. If any of the above show up during your inspection, consider walking away from the house. On the other hand, these don’t necessarily need to break the deal. You may negotiate an agreement where the seller completes the necessary repairs or get a price reduction to perform the repairs once you own the property.


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