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Apartment/Condo starting at $295

Townhouse/Row starting at $395

Detached/Villa/Duplex starting at $420

Calgary & Area’s Best Registered & Certified Home Inspectors!

Home inspections are a knowledge based service. Basing your decision on which inspection company to use solely on price is a mistake. A bargain today may not turn out to be a bargain in the long run.

The Bitterness of poor quality remains long after the Sweetness of low prices is forgotten.

Ask questions and make sure you’re comparing the right things. Beware of the many new inspectors that have taken a 6-day course and are calling themselves ‘certified’. These are often the $199 inspectors. Print our checklist to compare companies here.

We’ve been inspecting homes for over 15 years and have inspected over 4400 homes. This is real home inspection experience, not ‘other’ experience. We happily provide free quotes and information so you can accurately compare our services to others.

What’s included in the inspection?

You will receive a full report detailing the home that includes many photos and diagrams. An online maintenance manual is also included as well as a free subscription to HomeBinder. All our inspections include the use of Infrared Thermal Imaging.

Call our office for personal service from our staff or use our 24-hour online booking system, ready to find the best appointment for you.

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We at Integra understand that it doesn’t always work out and you may have to pass on the house you thought was perfect for you. We believe things happen for a reason and the right house for you is out there. If this happens to you, we will discount our fees on your next inspection. (within 30 days)

Cancellation Policy

We recognize that things move quickly and change often during the sale or purchase of a home in Calgary and we maintain as much flexibility as we can with our clients in terms of accepting cancellations. We do however require reasonable notice from our clients for cancellations in order that we may reschedule your cancelled appointment with another interested client.