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Townhouse Inspection

Most Common Issues Found During a Home Inspection

 Home inspections are incredibly commonplace these days and are required by law in many provinces. The reasoning here is that whether people are trying to sell or buy a home, other parties need to know what they’re getting into. For instance, if you went out and purchased a home that didn’t undergo a Calgary townhouse inspection, you could be dealing with rotted floors, a basement prime for flooding, and all sorts of other damages. 

 Inspections are also vital for banks and other mortgage lenders. If they’re going to put money up, or if they’re expected to make money, they need to know a home’s true value through appraisal, and no appraisal can be conducted properly without a home inspection. So here are some of the most common issues found during a house inspection. 

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Bad wiring found during your Calgary townhouse inspection

 This is a big one. Many homes end up having wiring issues that fall short of inspection code. It could be because of today’s newer appliances and energy ratings being too much of a load for the home’s old style of circuit breaker. Maybe mice have chewed through some of the wiring. There are all sorts of reasons here why the home’s wiring might fail inspection. It’s certainly one of the most common problems in inspection assays. 

Draining Systems/Plumbing 

 A lot of times when a Calgary townhouse inspection takes place, water and moisture are found around the home, causing the soil to be a wet mess. There would also be a lot of water buildup in the basement. These issues can also extend to the plumbing, with septic systems that are backed up, or leaking supply pipes, and much more. All of these areas will be checked during a house inspection, as any of these issues could become major. 

Roof Damage found during your Calgary townhouse inspection

 Another common problem in home inspection is a bad roof. This could be dry-rotted plywood, shingles that are falling off, or even holes and leaks in the roof. Though it could also be issues with the home’s gutters; maybe they’re falling apart or not draining properly. The roof is out there in constant face of the elements. It’s very common for roof issues to be found. 

 There are a lot of different problems a Calgary townhouse inspection could face that might cause it to fail. Going with inspection experts is a great way to find and fix all of these common issues.

Integra Inspections is a Home Inspection Company in Calgary that provides unbeatable service for home inspections. With over 15 years of experience and the latest technologies such as thermal imaging, you can count on Integra Home Inspections to get you the facts and have you ready for your next home!

Our COVID-19 Response – Business As Usual – With Some Cautionary Changes

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak and to help protect the health of everyone involved, including our inspectors, our clients, the homeowner and our real estate partners, here’s what we’re doing to help limit the spread of COVID-19.

We are asking you, our clients, to stay home if possible. This is different from our standard approach in which we encourage our clients to fully participate in the inspection.

After the inspection report is sent to you, we will do a full review of the report over the phone, and we are available for questions at any time, as always. If you insist on attending, if possible, we ask that you limit your attendance to just yourself. Please don’t bring the kids, parents, contractors, and others.

During the inspection, we will wash our hands frequently using our own hand soap and towel. We will also bring sanitizer wipes to disinfect items that we have touched during the inspection, such as faucets. If hand washing is not possible, we will also have hand sanitizer with us. We also have latex gloves and will use those if deemed necessary, but everything we’ve researched suggests that hand washing is the best course of action.

If requested by anyone present at the inspection, we will wear a face mask.

None of our inspectors will attend an inspection if they show signs of a fever or a cough or any other symptoms of illness.

By taking these steps, we want to make sure people can continue to receive the benefits of a home inspection while respecting the current reality of COVID-19.


How Much Should I Be Paying For A Home Inspection?

Do you need your home inspected? Making sure you know the condition of a property is important whether you’re selling or buying. But since the process is new to most people, they’are unaware of how much they should be paying for a home inspector. Here are some things that come into play when figuring out the pricing.

How Large is the Home?

The cost of home inspection in Calgary will primarily depend on the size of your home. This makes a lot of sense since the home inspector will have a lot more to inspect when working with a bigger home. Obviously, if your home is on the smaller side, it will be on the lower end of the price spectrum.

How Big of a Job is the Inspection?

Regardless of the size of the home, you have to consider how big the job is. For example, if it is difficult to inspect various parts of your home, it’ll take a lot more time to get a thorough inspection. Older homes tend to be harder to inspect due to parts of the home breaking down. It’s safe to generally think that you’re going to be spending $80 to $100 an hour for the inspection.


What Special Services Will You Need?

Aside from a basic inspection, you may need other services. This includes air mold testing, swimming pools, radon testing, sewer inspections, and more. This can increase the price of inspection by a couple of hundred dollars. Most homeowners may not need to opt for these special services, so it’s best to stick to the $100 an hour figure if you need a basic inspection.

The Average Cost of Home Inspection Is…

The average cost of a home inspection in Calgary is anywhere from $375 to $550 for an average home. That isn’t that big of a range, so it’s safe to say that you’ll probably end up spending somewhere in the $400 area. Some inspectors will offer different packages as well, so you want to look around for some great deals.

That’s a general overview of how much you’ll be paying for a home inspection. Hopefully, this will help you secure fair pricing for your upcoming inspection.

Integra Inspections is a Home Inspection Company in Calgary that provides unbeatable service for home inspections. With over 15 years of experience and the latest technologies such as thermal imaging, you can count on Integra Home Inspections to get you the facts and have you ready for your next home!

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Recognize the Deal Breakers in Your Calgary Townhouse Inspection

You expect a home inspection to go without a hitch, and often they do. But all homes have problems. How do you determine whether the results of an inspection reveal minor issues or major problems? Here are some possible deal breakers that a Calgary townhouse inspection might uncover.

3 Deal Breakers During Your Calgary Townhouse Inspection

1) Foundation Problems 

Occasionally, problems with the foundation are minor and just need a simple fix. Most of the time though, these are big problems that require major repairs. If a home inspection reveals foundation problems, it’s usually best to walk away.


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2) Faulty Electrical Uncovered 

Old wiring is a safety issue and a potential deal breaker if discovered during a Calgary home inspection. Aluminum wiring in particular is concerning because it’s less safe than copper wiring.


3) Mould Found 

Most mould isn’t a big problem and is relatively easy to remove. Some, however, are deadly. If a home inspection documents mould without identifying it, have a specialist assess whether it’s dangerous.


A Calgary home inspection reveals a lot of information about a townhouse. If any of the above show up during your inspection, consider walking away from the house. On the other hand, these don’t necessarily need to break the deal. You may negotiate an agreement where the seller completes the necessary repairs or get a price reduction to perform the repairs once you own the property.


Integra Inspections is a Home Inspection Company in Calgary that provides unbeatable service for home inspections. With over 15 years of experience and the latest technologies such as thermal imaging, you can count on Integra Home Inspections to get you the facts and have you ready for your next home!

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